WUML: 60 Years of Underground Radio

You can hear Dirty Douglas Radio live, still in its original time slot on Monday nights at 11:00 PM on 91.5 FM in the greater Lowell, MA area (including southeastern New Hampshire) or online at the WUML website or using the TuneIn smartphone app.

WUML was founded as AM station WLTI in 1952 in the dormitory of Ed Bonacci, a student at Lowell Technical Institute. Since then it has kept a tradition of student-run, commercial free, independent, underground radio alive through its incarnations as WLTI, WJUL, and finally WUML. Dirty Douglas Radio has the privilege of following WUML’s oldest student-run show, Live from the Fallout Shelter, which has been having live bands in the studio every week since 1985. While Dirt Doug is only on once a week there is always great programming on WUML, especially if you’re into the sort of music that we play. So tune in Mondays at 11 or just all of the time. You won’t regret it.



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