Episode 121

Hosts: Mike Calamonici and Vicky Belakhov, with special guest Jim Warren

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


F*cko – “Sh*tty City” (from Dealing with the Weird)
Olde Pine – “Ray Romano Re-Runs” (from The Jawns)
The Blue Letter – “ACT III-IV.” (from The Arriviste)
You Blew It! – “Susanne” (from You Blue It EP)
Nashoba – “Trying to Forget the Past” (from Sonder)
The Dirty Looks – “Catholic Radio” (from Line of Sight EP)
Francie Moon – “Starts at the Bay” (from Free to a Good Home)
Durt Dog the Band – “The  Ghost” (from Durt Dog)
Dust From 1000 Years – “Cop’s Fantasy” (from Moon)
The Emotron – “Not Talkin’ Bout Body Odor” (from The Decemberwrist)
Ex Wife – “While the Sun is Out” (from New Colors)
Undark and the Radium Girls – “No” (from NO)
Rhode Iceland – “Paradigm” (from One One One)
Black Norse – “Akiko” (from Split w/ Big Mess)
Rainsound – “Thirty One” (from Thirty One)
Lady Bones – “Age” (from Terse)

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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