Episode 106

Hosts: Jim Warren and Vicky Belakhov, with special guest Alex Sargent

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


Boogie Boy Metal Mouth – “God & Cupid” (from Call A Cop EP)
The Only Things – “Loud Enough” (from Last Rites)
Laurier – “How Yo Mean?” (from Everything I Learned to Live Without)
Yo Ticonderoga – “Key West” (from Grace and Grappa)
Grower – “Trav’s Song” (from Hazel)
Br’er – “Chanel Divinity” (from Masking)
C*ntz – “Bin Day” (from Solid Mates)
The Real Tom Hanks – “Monkey Man” (from Live on WUML Fallout Shelter)
Empty Vessels – “Guilt” (from Throw Your Shadows)
OJ – “Slimey Smoke” (from Bend You Into the Ocean of Lava Blood)
Dent – “Anything Jingles” (from Eyeballs)
Ghost Guest – “Almost Infinite” (from Kindred Spirits)
Lilli Jean – “Blue Haze” (from Blue Haze)
Gamma Pope – “Rats on a Sinking Ship” (from After the Quake)

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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