Episode 86

Hosts: Jim Warren, Mike Calamonici, and Vicky Belakhov, with special guests Sickly Colin and Forlorn Dave

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


Packrat – “We’re Drying Up” (from We’re Drying Up)
Rick Rude – “Kiss Concert Is Rick Rude” (from Split w/ Kiss Concert)
The Furniture – “Coco Chanel” (from EP Onymous Bird)
Captain Martini and the Key Stoners – “Awesome Incarnate” (from Squeezing Out Diamonds)
Lilli Jean – “Leavin” (from Metempsychosis)
Arrington De Dionyso – “Khomuz Medicine” (from Sound is the Medicine)
Bent Knee – “Being Human” (from Shiny Eyed Babies)
Shakusky – “Melt of Winter” (from Transient)
Nashoba – “Trying to Forget the Past” (from Sonder)
Oldsoul – “Dean Park” (from Oldsoul)
Shiloh – “Teeth” (from Or Don’t)
Prejudice – “Prejudice” (from Prejudice)
Little My – “Yellow Spring” (from Bite Because You Like It)
Etc Etc Etc – “Questions” (from 60 Seconds or Less Preview)
JOBS – “Rhythm Changes” (from Killer BOB Sings)
OJ – “Wet Pollen” (from Dreamdinger)
The TeleVibes – “Ex To See” (from High Or Die)
Hop Along – “Powerful Man” (from Painted Shut)
Brother Gruesome – “Tumor Town” (from End Times Get in the Way of a Good Time)
Cousin Boneless – “Love Machine” (from Broken Glass Party)


Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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