Episode 50

Hosts: Jim Warren and Ben Dickinson, with special guests Billy Mack, Fil Corbitt, Cody Burawski, and Vid Ryan
Sound Engineer: Jeremie Inhaber

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


Big Mess – “Rat’s A**” (from S/T)
Scrap Kids – “Now What?” (from There’s No Room to Grow)
BoBANDski – “”Hoppy Top?”” (from Live at Wilder Zang)
Bad History Month – “The Imaginary Tone of My Own Voice Talking S**t” (from Famous Cigarettes (Split w/ Dust From 1000 Years))
Settler – “Virgin Mary Shadow (Government)” (from Dissociation Songs (in the key of F))
Dust from 1000 Years – “Smoke Em Up” (from Famous Cigarettes (Split w/ Bad History Month))
Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine – “The North Korean Worm (#91)” (from Demos (the rough stuff))
Andy Dale Petty – “Stick to the Shadows” (from Psychic Death/Stick to the Shadows)
Tarred and Feathered – “Prime” (from Nice)
Idiot Genes – “Have It” (from Lousey)
Nice Guys – “Medical Envy” (from Spliffft 7″ (Split w/ Miami Doritos))
Billy Mack and Friends – Live on Dirty Douglas Radio!

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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