Episode 28

Hosts: Jim Warren and Ben Dickinson, with initial guests Drew Cunningham, Paul Poremski, and Zack Modica

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


Kal Marks – “Where A River Starts and Ends” (from Life is Murder)
The Fake Boys – “Doggie” (from Pig Factory)
Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks – “I Lost My Balls in Oklahoma” (from Pleasantly Plump)
Slurred Speech – “Tribute to T.S.L.F.A.” (from Random Songz)
For the Kid in the Back – “Your Friends Are Starting To Ask Questions” (from Coffee on an Empty Stomach)
Fat History Month – “Skindivers, etc.” (from Skindivers (Split w/ Spook Houses)
Ahleuchatistas – “Israel” (from Location Location)
Sneeze – “Dirty Nap” (from Limited Edition Tour Demo 2013)
Tremarche – “Carl’s Diner Bluz” (from Frank Hurricane Tribute Tape)
Time Wastes No Time – “Everything That Helps You Sleep” (from Demo)
Dowsing – “Just Say When” (from Stay Sweet Fest Split)
The TeleVibes – “Out of the Walls” (from The White EP)
Inspector 34 – “Accomplishments” (from Wild Times (Split w/ Benbo Benskie)
The New Highway Hymnal – “Whispers” (from WHISPERS)
Nashoba – “Alaska” (from Antico)

Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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