Episode 21

Host: Jim Warren, with temporary guest Staci Ballard

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)


Raptorman – “Raptorman’s Intervention” (from Raptorman!)
Barn Owl – “02” (from Barn Owl Rocks!)
Kal Marks – “Where A River Starts (Hen House Demo)” (from Go Plow!)
Nenakata – “Golden Eyes” (from NenaKata)
Thick Shakes – “Polyommatus Blues” (from Polyommatus Blues)
Single Female Lawyer – What’s the Answer to Number One?” (from The EP (that never was or will be))
Turtle Ambulance – “I’m Gonna Be Okay / Child” (from I’m Gonna Be Okay)
Outsiders- “My Answer (2013 Version)” (from My Answer (2013 Version))
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps – “Half About Being A Woman” (from Live)
Graph – “Old” (from EP 3)
Foxfires – “Nostrum'” (from Nostrum)
Dig Safe – “Feeling too Human” (from Live on Pipeline)
Sleeping in the Aviary – “You and Me, Ghost” (from You and Me, Ghost)
Pangea – “Vile Smile (Live)” (from Business As Usual Sessions)
Guerilla Toss – “Scary Monster” (from Gorilla Toss)
Harmoos – “Don’t Regret It” (from Don’t Regret It)
Crown Larks – “Blue Lobsters” (from Catalytic Conversion)
Jasper Som – “500 Days, An Unlucky Number” (from Jasper Som)
Masingo – “Sentimental Value” (from The Pigcop Demo)
Other Factors – “Integrated Circuits” (from Other Factors)
Fellow Project – “Mercy Shot” (from Stable Life)
Fugue – “Azure Dragon of the East” (from Years)
Downtown Boys – “Maldito” (from Downtown Boys)
Ununi – “Kevyn Potherb” (from Caring Tapes Collection Vol. II (Disc 2))


Listen to this stuff here, sure, but buy things from all these bands because they are awesome and all need your support to keep killing it. They have bandcamps or websites or whatever.


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