Episode 6

Hosts: Jim Warren and Angus Holden with special guest Staci Ballard

Download this episode right HERE! (Right click and save as)

Math the Band – “Four to 6” from Get Real
Johnny Appleseed – “Bricks and Stones” from Nautical Miles
Hurricanes of Love – “Outer Space Pimps” from Flowin’ Internal
Ladderlegs – “That’s Not an Argument” from Approach This Once
Pile – “Baby Boy” from Dripping
Scrap Kids – “Sour Notes” from I Just Want To Play In Living Rooms
Many Mansions – “Shined Eyes, Fire Mind” from CONTROL THIS (SIDE B)
Benbo Benskie – “For Free!” from Wild Times (Split w/ Inspector 34)
Kitchen’s Floor – “Back Home” from Live at Real Bad
Bad Sound – “Paint” from So So So
Spook Houses – “Bad Sound” from The ‘Trying’ EP
Atlas the Atom Smasher – “The Snowmeiser Suite”
Native Wildlife – “Bitter Work” from Blackwood
Lines and Spaces – “I” from Live Demo
Luau – “Poor Forms” from Hill Street Blues
Sneeze – “Dirty Lips” from Grandma in the Trenches
Onslo – “I Slept in a Ditch Last Night” from Quartumdimensio Aedificium
Greys – “City of Broken Dreams” from Ultra Sorta EP
Matahari – “Deathbarrier” from Live from the Fallout Shelter
Bubonic Bear – “The Pine Barrens” from Split w/ Hulk Smash
Slurred Speech – “Give It Up Grandpaaa” from Million Dollar Suitcase
Killer BOB – “No Teeth from Fear May Be A Builder


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