Episode 5

Host: Jim Warren with Special Guest Staci Ballard
Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)

Tragwag – “Inertia is a Property of Matter” from Inertia is a Property of Matter Lathe Cut 7″
Kitchen’s Floor – “116” from Look Forward to Nothing
Br’er – “I’m Sorry Mom” from Of Shemales and Kissaboos
Fat History Month – “Money (Demo)” from Museum of Fat History vol. 1
Elison Jackson – “I Ain’t Got No Tomorrow” from Pennies on the Pavement
Suns – “Happy Sounds” from The Engine Room
Ladderlegs – “Building Cities” from Lowell and Behold Compilation (vol. 2)
Sneeze – “Crumb” from I’m Going to Kill Myself
Districts – “The Giver” from Split w/ Regret, the Informer
Arrington de Dionyso – “Low Clarinet Symposium” from Low Clarinet Symposium
Big Mess – “Si Se Puede” from Big Mess
S.L.F.M. – “Super” from Gutterpunch
Onslo – “Queen of the Harpies” from Terrible Elephant Accident
Pleasure Gap – “Wild Life” from Wild Life
The Only Things – “Man of Stone” from Live from the Fallout Shelter
Many Mansions – “Ride the Blinding Edge of Time” from CONTROL THIS (Side B)
The New Highway Hymnal – “More” from WHISPERS
Frankie Teardrop – “Franks Follies” from Tears
The Guru – “Guacamole” from Go Easy
Pile – “Don’t Touch Anything” from Magic Isn’t Real


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