Episode 4

Hosts: Jim Warren and Angus Holden, with Special Guests Staci Ballard and Tim Kennedy

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)

Math the Band – “One 45” from Get Real
Fat History Month – “Gorilla” from Gorilla 7″
Robotmonkeyarm – “Kill the Cutie” from Robotmonkeyarm (Part Two…Cinema Vomitif and the White Mask of Doom!)
Kitchen’s Floor – “Bitter Defeat” from Bitter Defeat/Down 7″
Night Owls – “Contagious” from Rapture EP
Pile – “Levee” from Magic Isn’t Real
Benbo Benskie – “Eat S**t, Riff Thieves!” from Wild Times (Split w/ Inspector 34
Hurricanes of Love – “Be Thankful” from Live Love
Griefhound – “Thorns” from Split Tape w/ Cane Swords
The New Highway Hymnal – “Killing Town” from WHISPERS
Frankie Teardrop – “Tark” from Demo Daze
Elison Jackson – “New Britain Song” from I Do Believe She Flew Out The Drainpipe
Life in Vacuum – “Henry Ford” from Rogue Sessions
Bubonic Bear – “electric tumor” from Half Length
Luau – “Paris” from Spring Fever
Evander – “The Winter Doldrums” from The Reservoir EP
Fat Creeps – “Day Dreaming” from Day Dreaming
Thick Shakes – “Friends Like These” from French Dyppe
Tawny Peaks – “Bring Back the Mountain” from Tawny Peaks
Les Doux – “Imperative” from Dialects


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