Episode 3

Hosts: Jim Warren and Angus Holden with Special Guests Staci Ballard and Tim Kennedy

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)

Genuine Imitations – “If Sra” from “The Public Be Damned My Loyalty Is To My Stock Holders” (Sorry for the repeat this will be the last one)
Kitchen’s Floor – “Orbit” from Look Forward to Nothing
Elison Jackson – “Through the Trees” from Pocket Cat! Records Compilation
The Joint Chiefs of Math – “Then That’s What I Call Music” from Wires
Many Mansions – “Voodoo Bodega Pt. 1” from FLESHTONE STARGATE FOR NEW MIND BAZAAR
Glocca Morra – “See Through Person” from An Obscure Moon Lighting An Obscure World
Districts – “Devils” from Split w/ Regret, the Informer
Empty Phrases – “My Mind” from Empty Phrases
S.L.F.M. – “Mechanical Start” from Gutterpunch!
The Guru – “Indian Day” from Go Easy
Fat History Month – “No Safe” from F**king Despair
The Music Tapes – “Freeing Song for Reindeer” from For Clouds and Tornadoes
Benbo Benskie – “Overstayer Out” from Wild Times (Split w/ Inspector 34)
Onslo – “God Wills It” from Quartumdimensio Aedificium
Onslo – “Hoagland” from Quartumdimensio Aedificium
Midi and the Modern Dance – “Baby Don’t Deprave Me” from The First Three Years
Ladderlegs – “Yellow Line an Enemy” from Approach This Once
Hurricanes of Love – “Warning from a Demon” from Holy Sky
The Emotron – “Coin Collector” from Vampire Lunch Lady Tits
Undark and the Radium Girls – “Lee Preston Drives to Work” from Undark and the Radium Girls
Andy the Doorbum – “The Orgy” from The Man Killed the Bird, and With The Bird He Killed the Song, and with the Song Himself
Host – “Going Down” from There’s Nothing Up There but Heavy Clouds
Host – “F**k this Place” from There’s Nothing Up There but Heavy Clouds
Pangea – “Shapeshifter” from Dead Generation
Aviator – “Harvest Words” from January 2013
Greys – “Queen of the Harpies” from Easy Listening
The Sinbusters – “ESP” from Hot Fun Doom
Tremarche – “No No No No No No” from Self Titled
Luau – “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” from Split w/ Choke Up
Sneeze – “Dark Elf” from I’m Going to Kill Myself


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