Episode One

Hosts: Angus Holden and Jim Warren, with special guests Staci Ballard and Sean Quigley.
[Original Air Date: 10-8-2012]

Download this episode right HERE! (right click and “save as”)

Sneeze – “Red Bullgirls” (from I’m Going To Kill Myself)
Great American Ghost – “Island” (from The Nadir EP)
Astronomer – “Mud Witch” (from Mud Witch)
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! – “Red River Tombstone Hustle” (from 5 After Midnight)
Pile – “Octopus” (from Magic Isn’t Real)
Black Norse – “Feast” (from Real Mud Fake Blood)
Old Wounds – “Deviant Minds” (from II)
Luau – “Keene” (from Split w/ Choke Up)
Los Bungalitos – “Bunga Rock” (from Los Bungalitos)
Abram Taber – “Sticks and Stones” (from Moving On)
Br’er – “Lapin” (from of Shemales and Kissaboos)
Benbo Benskie – “Party Walk” (from Wild Times (Split w/ Inspector 34))
Genuine Imitations – “If Sra” (from “The Public Be D**ned My Loyalty Is To My Stock Holders”)
Cat Tongue – “Paraeyes” (from Cat Tuong)
Hurricanes of Love – “BEHOVA THE PHENOM” (from Heavenly Wheel)
Kal Marks – “P**s of the Century” (from P**s of the Century)
The Business Fairy – “1” (from The Business Fairy)
Chessie and the Kittens – “AHH! (It’s the Chesskats)” (from Chessie and the Kittens)
Fat History Month – “Wrench” (from I Finally Understand What People Mean When They Say Drifting)


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